In recent years, a number of robust technology tools have emerged to optimize business management. With the growth of demand and the increase in the complexity of this task, the use and investment in solutions such as corporate portals and process automation has become essential.

By applying these new approaches, it is possible to reduce costs and modernize and improve operations, making management and decision making easier.

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What is a corporate portal for?

Corporate portals are used to integrate information and enable access to business data at any time by employees. It stimulates growth by structuring and personalizing relevant information, cooperating with monitoring, visualization, and decision making.

This type of system enables the adjustment of internal team members’ work as well as knowledge of the company’s culture and values. In addition, management is able to improve communication among employees to exchange knowledge and experience. Thus, transparency and interactivity are improved as well.

The internal portal may be focused on information intended for access by employees or outside customers. The goal is to map and meet the company’s key needs so data is available when it’s needed. One of the advantages of corporate portals is precisely the automation of processes, which we will discuss next.

Why is it important to automate processes?

In modernity, work and demands have evolved. Nowadays, it is not enough to focus on the product or service offered, but it is necessary to pay attention to the agility of operations and issues such as costs and productivity. All this influences the development of the company and affects its position in the market.

Process automation consists of using computers to perform repetitive and bureaucratic tasks in order to extract some benefits related to the issues mentioned in the previous paragraph and make better use of human resources. It is a topic that is currently highly considered.

In a survey conducted by Dell Technologies, 88 percent of Brazilian organizations leaders said they believed that workers and machines will be fully integrated in the next five years. And 65% of them believe that using automation helps save time on their activities.

These technologies are spreading throughout various industries. A task such as user interaction, for example, according to Gartner’s forecast, will be done without human help by 2020.

We will see some specific benefits of this strategy next.

Agility and productivity

Bureaucratic activities carried out by human beings tend to be stressful and time-consuming. With the use of support software, management can reduce time to perform these same tasks and free employees for other functions. Considering that the internal environment is formed by processes that affect others, when one gets faster, others also improve.

In this way, it is possible to optimize the time from the beginning of production to the end result. In addition, more agility allows for more work, therefore, this favors an increase in productivity.

Less costs and errors

Another of the great advantages is the reduction of costs and errors. With computational systems running repetitive tasks, we need to add more precision to the processes, because the machines are not prone to failure as humans are. Consequently, this results in less expenses with consequences of errors in internal activities.

In addition, an automated platform entails fewer staff costs — with staff being allocated for strategic functionalities — and overall operating and administrative costs. According to another Gartner forecast, automation will reduce 65% of the need for employees in shared service centers by 2020.

To achieve these benefits and optimize management, it is important to have process automation tools and workflow organization, such as those offered by the application platform of one of the technology giants, Microsoft.

What are the advantages of the Microsoft platform?

Microsoft is one of the big corporations that are investing in interesting business solutions that help increase efficiency. We will see some advantages in the following.


Microsoft solutions such as Office 365, Sharepoint, Power BI, Flow, PowerApps, Planner, among others, offer a number of versatile and flexible tools that result in faster and faster internal processes. With more workflow organization and automation, operational bottlenecks are eliminated, and activities flow better.

Software is hosted in the cloud, which ensures faster performance. Integration between them is also a benefit as it facilitates data flow and makes everything easy to find.

Integrated intelligence

Another great advantage is that the company brings the benefits of artificial intelligence to data analysis in order to generate better predictions, but also to the software hosting in order to achieve more security. With the elements of cognitive systems, precision in decisions increases because managers gain precious insights.


The platform provides increased security through the use of cloud computing, which includes backup and disaster recovery solutions. With this, the documents and information gain an extra layer of reliability and robustness, which avoids unnecessary expenses for the company.

What are the corporate portal solutions and process automation of the Microsoft platform?

We will enumerate some assets of the Microsoft platform, such as Sharepoint, Power Apps, Flow, and PowerBI, and their main advantages.


Sharepoint focuses on creating corporate portals and intranets. While PowerApps is focused on applications for smartphones and tablets, this tool enables employees to create websites to help manage enterprise content. However, it is also used for documentation and project management to increase information integration and availability.

Applications include human resources data integration, IT support, sales department, project management — with version history functionality —, image banks, and documentation library. Other examples are the use for Business Intelligence and workflows, which allow you to model and automate processes.

It is interesting for employee collaboration because it facilitates the sharing of important documents and interpersonal communication. In this way, it is possible to create organizational cohesion by gathering collective knowledge to help with decisions and increase operational agility. We’ll look at other API options that connect with Sharepoint.


PowerApps is an application that enables the creation of mobile applications in a simple and intuitive way so that employees have internal access to company information in an integrated way. Apps run on the web and on Android and iOS devices and can be created by users without prior programming knowledge. You can also use Sharepoint lists as your data source.


With Flow, employees can create workflows for repetitive tasks to automate and streamline everyday processes. It works as a flowchart of activities, in which one leads to another in a deterministic way.

As in a logical flow, you can still add conditions for certain activities to be performed. This implies greater integration of data and organization of internal tasks to avoid human errors and productivity problems. In addition, it connects with Sharepoint and allows flows to be created directly from the tool’s information.


PowerBI is a robust software that is responsible for analyzing and processing data to extract value and insights for decision making. The system allows you to view this information with customizable charts and reports in organized dashboards that facilitate management and collaboration.

It can also be used to understand Sharepoint data and share it in a variety of ways. Likewise, PowerBI reports can be imported by Sharepoint projects.

Using business solutions to aid in management is imperative today because of the increasing complexity of management and the need for more organization, agility, and fewer costs. The tools provided by the Microsoft platform are quite useful and bring a number of advantages as we have seen in this article.

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