Your first contact with artificial intelligence might have been through science fiction movies, but now it is already integrated with our reality. Many people want to know how artificial intelligence (AI) works and whether it actually comes to replace human labor.

This is definitely not the case. AI comes to help the daily lives of many people, providing interesting resources, especially for companies.

In this post, you will get to know this subject better. Learn how artificial intelligence is already used today and what its benefits are. Check it out!

Understand Artificial Intelligence

The proposal of AI is simple — to create systems and devices that can reproduce methods of human reasoning. In fiction, intelligent robots that develop above-average capabilities frighten us, but the reality is quite different. The AI projects aim precisely to create solutions to support human beings.

The machines and systems embedded with AI technology are made to follow preprogrammed commands, but they are also constantly learning. So, whenever they come in contact with new information, these systems learn and develop.

Artificial intelligence has great influence on automated systems. It allows tasks to be performed without the need for a command, which also only happens thanks to a previous configuration.

The origin of AI and its development

The first studies around this technology begun in 1950. At that time, the execution of tasks, like mathematical problems, characterized AI tests in the period.

The development continued in the 60s and 70s, supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Department of Defense of the US. It was by their hands that, in 2003, the first personal assistant was developed. It was something like an ancestor of Siri, developed by Apple.

However, since the 1980s, AI has received a strong reinforcement: Machine Learning. This technology made it possible for systems to learn from experiments, not just perform preconfigured functions.

Currently, this technology is fundamental for the understanding of AI. Machine Learning enabled the evolution of the resource, making it increasingly applicable in everyday solutions.

See some AI applications in everyday life

The curiosity about how artificial intelligence works is great, but you’ve certainly had contact with it. This technology is more inherent to daily life than one can imagine, always aiding in different tasks.

Next, check out some good examples of AI application and how useful it is in these situations.


Medicine already sees the application of AI, especially in diagnostics. Systems are already able to read medical tests results and identify the existence of tumors, such as cancer. All this through deep learning, a technique that allows the identification of characteristics through images.

Robots are also already used in surgeries, from the simplest to the highly complex. They are still controlled by doctors, but there are already ongoing studies so that, in the near future, everything is done by AI, based on machine learning.


Smartphones have several functions made possible by AI. The main one already mentioned in this post is Siri, an intelligent assistant who performs various tasks through voice commands. However, other small interventions make a difference.

The facial identification in pictures is another one of these features, based on deep learning. The spell checker, which has some favorable and some contrary opinions, is also an AI feature. It analyzes the recurrences of content consulting its own database and, when it sees an error, it suggests corrections.


Videogames bring the best example of how artificial intelligence works, perhaps being the closest thing to what fiction has shown over the years. This application is used in several games to make the experience more realistic. Thus, the playing conditions become more plausible and offer interesting answers.

In sports games, for example, opponents controlled by the machine have highly competitive capacity. In soccer games, the ability to create moves and find free teammates to receive passes is the clear sign of this.

User Service

Chatbots are a good example of how AI can be practical and very effective in everyday tasks. Companies use this feature to automate service delivery by providing simple information and solutions to those who visit web pages.

This feature most often replaces phone calls, searches, and emails. Chatbots are programmed to know how to interact, recognizing the information provided by the user. This work can be proactive most of the time, when chatbots can help.


The AI also appears in GPS applications that show traffic, increasingly common and widely used. These systems suggest the best routes around traffic jams, paths with many traffic lights, or that are naturally slower.

Artificial intelligence compares the possibilities of routes, calculating which would be the fastest for the driver. Thus, it is able to outline the best route to be followed, taking into account the factors that influence the time of the journey.

Get to know AI relationship with Big Data

Big Data helps you understand how artificial intelligence works on some specific systems. It is nothing more than an increasingly common practice in technology — reading and processing data on a large scale.

Thus, many kinds of systems are able to gather content and analyze them in depth in order to generate insights and provide solid foundations for decision-making. And Big Data can also be used in artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning powered by Big Data

In this context, it allows systems to access a greater volume of data, enhancing their analytical and learning capacity.

Machine Learning is a field of science that applies the possibility of learning to common systems. It identifies the information it has access to and creates a database of records.

These files are used as the reference source for the considered system. Machine Learning helps AI analyze all the data it has access to. Thus, they serve as the basis for generating responses and performing activities.

In this case, the AI ​​system is always learning, to the point of developing and being more and more able to take care of demands. If Big Data supports AI, of course the volume of references analyzed is greater, potentializing Machine Learning.

Now that you know how artificial intelligence works, you can see that it is different from how movies portray it, but it is already important in everyday life!

Since we are talking about it, learn more about how AI and business intelligence relate!