Every business saves information related to its activities, which helps to understand more about customers, the market, and the company itself. Microsoft SQL Server is a system that specializes in managing these records, serving as a complete solution platform.

It allows you to control data quality, develop advanced reports, and is also able to integrate with multiple sources. All this through a system aimed at various levels of users.

After all, what is the SQL platform?

Before investing in this software, you need to better understand the operation, its proposal, and the benefits it brings to companies. Check it out!

When it first came out to the market, Microsoft SQL Server was a simple Database Management System (DBMS). However, its old focus is only one of its current capabilities.

The software is today, in its 2017 version, an extensive platform focused on strategic management composed of extremely useful solutions that can be used for guiding decision making.

Data integration

SQL Server 2017 provides a data capture and integration wizard to generate strategic solutions. This functionality imports, copies, and captures information from compatible sources.

Machine learning

The current version also provides support for machine learning, with solutions for configuring machine learning for certain data. From the 2017 version on, compatibility with the R and Python languages was implemented. The support offered in this release has evolved and has a number of sample databases for learning.

Artificial intelligence

The application of artificial intelligence in SQL Server provides more accurate detection of trends and behaviors through the data. More insights are generated and can be leveraged by the marketing team. Thus, it is possible to develop actions and campaigns with high chances of conversion.

What is the importance of the SQL platform for companies?

SQL Server has become fundamental thanks to its development throughout its versions. Today, in-depth data analysis and customized reporting enable departments and managers to have a solid foundation for driving the business.

The presence of this platform is today, besides a strategic question, a necessity in favor of productivity. The system is broad and supports a number of key tasks in data analysis and insight generation.

Developing these demands without a solution like SQL Server would be cumbersome and would hinder good results. This software brings together all the functionalities in a single interface, optimizing operation and strategic actions.

What are the benefits of investing in this resource?

Having Microsoft’s SQL Server represents a worthwhile investment in the face of the solutions it offers to businesses. There are plenty of reasons to acquire this software, and you can see the key ones next.

Data security

Company information is highly confidential and should be preserved for internal use. SQL Server limits access only to users who are properly authorized by administrator profiles.

The operation levels are also defined, limiting the possibility of data tampering. All records are encrypted, making it difficult to access the database.

Chances of insights

Data analysis will always provide a visualization of the business status. Customer information is fundamental and allows you to understand behaviors, habits, and preferences. All of this information is a breeding ground for insights that can set the direction of business.

SQL Server provides modeling that facilitates interpretation by the person that accesses it. Therefore, clearer data allow in-depth evaluation, which generates good ideas for the company’s next steps.

Cloud Storage

Cloud technology is an important feature that appears in today’s major systems. It offers security and convenience as it allows data to be accessed anytime, anywhere, using logins.

This technology can make the system operation faster, since storage can be made hybrid.

Wide possibilities of analysis

Through Analysis Services, the software provides extensive possibilities for creating KPIs and dashboards, according to different management perspectives. Thus, different views are obtained on the handling of a high volume of data.

Advanced reports

Through the Reporting Services function, business reports can be developed in web-oriented formats. These documents search for records in different data sources and can be generated in large formats.

Uncomplicated replication

Replication copies information from one place to another and, then, synchronizes the databases. This functionality keeps information up-to-date and allows all databases to have the same amount of data.

Data quality control

Data Quality Services filters relevant data through prior knowledge. You create a default base, and from there you get a parameter to make that selection of information. Duplicate records are deleted and those that are outside the baseline are fixed.

Master Data Management

Master Data Services is a feature that defines information as a parameter for which reports and analyses are based on. This function creates a central database, which keeps this information safe and auditable, even if it changes.

Several versions

SQL Server has several versions, which caters to users of all types. From multinational giants to small businesses, they have access to this system, without too much or too limited a solution.

This range of applicability also interferes with the cost of the solution. The currently offered versions are Express, Developer, Cloud (IaaS or PaaS), Standard, and Enterprise.

Row-level security (RLS)

RLS is an important function that restricts access to specific data. In this way, certain information will only be available to a group of people. Data restriction settings are made through filters.

Easy application integration

SQL Server supports data integration with applications that are built on top of other platforms, such as Azure. This allows it to deal with information more efficiently.

What does SQL Server 2019 look like?

Microsoft has already released the preview of SQL Server 2019, which has some improvements in its usability. The company itself has reinforced that the version has more advanced security features in order to better protect the operation data.

The system is also more optimized. This represents superior performance when dealing with higher data loads. In everyday life, this improvement makes significant difference in the demands of work.

Improved PolyBase

You can now import data without leaving the SQL Server environment. This enhancement eliminates the need to copy files directly to databases such as Oracle, Tera Data, and Mongo DB.

Microsoft SQL Server is a platform of extreme relevance in the market. More than a storage option, it presents itself as a complete platform for recording, managing, and handling data to gain insights and track KPIs.

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