Preconfigured and ready-to-use systems are immediately very useful for companies, especially those that belong to the pharmaceutical industry. Arbit offers this possibility through accelerating solutions — software that provides good functionalities and the continuity of the demands.

In this post, you will know a little better the Pharma Market Intelligence, Arbit system focused on the segment. Check it out!

What is an accelerator for the pharmaceutical industry?

Arbit accelerating solutions are systems designed to reduce the development time of software, which is entirely business oriented. In this case, Pharma Market Intelligence is the platform focused on the pharmaceutical industry. Its features meet the needs of the segment precisely.

To speed up implementation time, this software already features tools ready for use, with a solid database, and made by experts. Thus, without additional work, implementation time is reduced, and the platform can be used right away.

Pharma Market Intelligence Focus

The focus of the system is to integrate data from major audits of the pharmaceutical industry and centralize all of it into one environment. This solution enables a more practical visualization of information, which is the basis for strategic decision making.

The areas of sales, marketing, and market intelligence, for example, can already carry out relevant work with the use of software. The solution provides data on the consumption of drugs in certain regions and the indication on which ones are prescribed by the doctors.

From this information it is possible to develop precise marketing actions at the POS, besides taking a more individual approach to medical professionals. The result of this work is greater precision when releasing medicines to the market.

Detailed information for the company sectors

Data analysis is the working basis of most businesses today. In the pharmaceutical industry, this is no different! Business departments need important information to carry out strategic actions, and the prospect is that these data help in making important decisions.

The data are drawn from internal and external sources, also focused on the companies’ suppliers. Pharma Market Intelligence great differential is to integrate the company’s data into a single system, with external data from pharmaceutical audits such as Close-up and Iqvia, which provide medical prescription, visitation, demand, and sales force information.

Cross-checking these data and evaluating the metrics allows deeper analysis. Hence, market trends are detected, and business performance is assessed more accurately.

Given the safety indicators offered by the Arbit accelerator, it is possible to have essential insights for the management of companies. Each industry is free to evaluate the results and then understand what the best actions are accordingly.

Outcome and increased competitiveness

The pharmaceutical industry demands the dedication of its players. Competition is strong, with only the best-prepared companies standing out in the assessment of results. In view of this, Pharma Market Intelligence allows an immediate job, with resources totally focused on the business segment.

The consequence is positive and directly interferes with the company’s position in the market. Valuable data tends to direct the company to the best path thanks to an accurate observation of both the market and the internal processes and results themselves.

Companies that use accelerator software are able to present greater competitiveness. In addition, the internal improvement also influences the company positioning in the market.

What are the advantages of the accelerator for the segment companies?

The Arbit system for pharmaceutical industry brings unique advantages, which places the solution ahead of other options of the market. Learn the main aspects to follow and learn how they can help your company activities.

Database modeled to the segment

Pharma Market Intelligence has as its main functionality its database modeled based on the pharmaceutical segment. This is possible thanks to its ability to capture information from important audits in the sector.

Beginning with the use of the solution, where the user has immediate access to ready-made analyses and reports, based on industry information, it is possible to gain productivity, transparency, and reliability of the data.

Result-driven solutions

Data analysis is a widely used method. However, each company can have it as a basis for different goals. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, the results are always first in the list of priorities.

Arbit understands this demand and, therefore, has developed the Pharma Market Intelligence, with adequate resources for this purpose. The tool gives access to relevant metrics, which are steered towards strategic insights. The results are efficient and drive growth and increase sales.

Data updated at all times

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry have immediate needs to stay competitive. With current data and constant renewal, it is possible to chart the best directions to the market and internal performance.

The sales and marketing areas, for example, make frequent use of this information. The more accurate the performance of these sectors, the better the implementation of marketing and other strategies drawn up with transparency.

Market analysis support

Understanding the market is a fundamental part of the management of companies in the sector. Only in this way is it possible to evaluate consumption habits, public demand, and even the performance of competitors in the segment. Given this, the accelerator gives the immediate support that companies need, since the best strategies can be defined focusing competitive results and better positioning in the sector.

Why choose the solution that Arbit offers?

Arbit has a simple proposal that makes all the difference for companies — reducing costs in implementing a BI system focused on the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, companies have access to important data that provides significant feedback.

This smaller investment happens because, even being an accelerating solution, Pharma Market Intelligence is already sufficiently complete. Even if it is not fully customized, its design serves companies strategically and if the customer deems it necessary, the software can be scaled up.

Systems developed by specialists

Another differential that Arbit offers is the presence of professionals in the pharmaceutical market in the development process. The consulting of these specialists is essential so that the final product is useful to the needs of the segment.

After purchasing the solution, the customer still receives professional support if necessary. Thus, the communication is more precise, since the subjects and the demands dealt with are commonly understood by both parties.

Reduced complexity of processes

Pharma Market Intelligence is developed based on widely distributed technologies, which provides easy implementation at the client. This factor is a great advantage to the IT industry, since there is no restriction or difficulty to manage the system architecture.

Another important point is the loading processes of the audit files, which are already accessible in the solution. They are already ready for use and have been previously tested, meaning one less concern for IT.

Pharma Market Intelligence is a great choice for pharmaceutical companies. Arbit offers a solution that is prepared in advance and supports productivity across all industries. In this way, strategic management and focus on results are greatly favored with this feature!

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