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Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence

Discover the advantages of Arbit’s pharmaceutical accelerator solution

Preconfigured and ready-to-use systems are immediately very useful for companies, especially those that belong to the pharmaceutical industry. Arbit offers this possibility through accelerating solutions — software that provides good…

Digital Transformation, Strategic Decisions

Why invest in corporate portals and process automation?

In recent years, a number of robust technology tools have emerged to optimize business management. With the growth of demand and the increase in the complexity of this task, the…

Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence

BI Solutions in Marketing and Market Intelligence for Pharmaceutical Industries

The use of BI solutions in the pharmaceutical industry is a great help for companies in the field to achieve great results. With technology, better segmenting customers, understanding market perspectives,…

Strategic Decisions

What is and how does a software factory work?

With increasing systems complexity and increasing demand, the term software factory has gained prominence. The goal is to import some concepts and techniques from large industries to optimize processes and…

Business Intelligence

7 Reasons to Invest in Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence solutions collect and analyze general data, both from the market and from information the company generates. Thus, it is possible to obtain greater precision in the management of…

Big Data, Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation

What do we already know about Microsoft SQL Server 2019?

SQL Server 2019 was introduced at Ignite 2018, a Microsoft event in Florida, and is packed with news for users. With the new release, companies that use the tool can…